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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  April 25, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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gloria borger. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett out front front starts right now. >> breaking news. the white house denying a request to release crucial documents related to michael flynn. did he break the law? and another federal judge blocks donald trump from cutting funding from sanctuary cities. how big a setback is it for the president? and ivanka trump standing up for herself tonight as she was booed and hissed. breaking news, stonewalling, the white house denying a request for crucial documents. documents related to 3ru67's former national security advisory general kneifel flynn and contacts he may have had with foreign officials after
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inauguration. in a disclosure forms which flynn completed in order to get top security clearance, the general didn't disclose payments for business dealings with foreign countries, including more than half a million dollars in payments from russia and turkey. now democrats say the white house is refusing its request for documents related to flynn's vetting and they are firing back. >> they asked for documents prior to january 20th. as you know. we didn't assume the white house until january 20th at noon. we don't have the documents prior to assuming the white house. >> that isn't going to be easy. tonight even republicans openly questioning whether flynn committed a crime. congressman p jason chaf its said today he sees nothing to "support the notion that general flynn complied with the law."
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>> as a former military officer, you simply cannot take money from russia, turkey, for anybody else. and it appears as if he did take that money. >> now, the senate minority leader chuck schumer said "i may be the tip of the ice berg." manu raj u begins our coverage. how much trouble is all this? >> reporter: they said michael flynn could be facing feenz and up to fine years in prison if he did not complete his security clearance form and did not legally -- did not complete those forms accurately. this comes as michael flynn is now at the center of several investigations on capitol hill. one top republican saying he will not be given immunity to testify under oath. >> this is a major problem. >> reporter: new problems for the white house over russia. a top republican suggesting the
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president's forum national security advisor may have broken the law. from what you've seen so far, do you believe that michael flynn broke the law from either not disclosing these payments or not getting permission for getting these foreign payments? >> personally, i see no data to support the notion that general flynn complied with the law. i see no evidence that he actually did that. >> reporter: as a former military officer, flynn was supposed to get permission from top defense officials and the law required him to list 35i789sz, including more than a half a million dollars in turkish lobbying fees and $200,000 for a speech made in russia. he was picketed next to putin at a fancy dinner. now some say he may have know g knowingly falsified or covered
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up. >> i think it definitely -- that's why i cited a code but that's going to be left up to others to decide. i just want to know what his exposure is. >> reporter: his attorney said he briefed the agency extensively both before and afterst trip but sources say he did not disclose. a new question today, whether flint told the white house about this. the white house's director of legislative affairs mark short said it would not provide documents about flynn because they were outside the scope of the committee's responsibility. >> i don't know what he filled out or what he did or did not do. >> these are extremely extremely troubling allegations today.
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>> is it necessary to issue a subpoena? >> well, we'll see. >> reporter: and a rejection of his offer to testify in exchange for immunity. is there any way you give him immunity? >> no. >> reporter: no way? >> no. >> reporter: alleged privately that mr. flynn could have been subject to blackmail by the russians. lindsay graham saying earlier today he does plan to ask sally yates about that allegation and we'll see did she says anything publicly about that issue. erin? >> thank you very much, manu. jim sciutto is "out front" in washington. here's the thing. when people wonder how significant this is, right? he had to fill out these forms in order to get top clearance,
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right? you have filled out a form like that. is it possible you could skip or forget to disclose half a million dollars of payment on a form? >> in a word, no. you have to report all your foreign trips and foreign contacts particularly with foreign officials, law enforcement, military officials, etc. and the idea that you would not list, one, a visit to russia, two, a meeting at that the level and a payment of some $45,000 from r.t. russia today which is recognized by the state department which is recognized as in effect a prop ganda arm of the kremlin, that's why it's at issue here. elijah come ings raising the pro spektd or not just misbehavior here but of breaking the law.
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that unity on this issue is remarkable. the other point i would make, too, is the white house putting a lot of day light between itself and flynn, which also defies belief. he was the white house's national security advisor. the idea that the white house had no involvement in or responsibility for vetting an official like that also defies belief. >> absolutely. if they were saying if it was before noon on january 20th, don't ask us. >> reporter: it doesn't work that way. >> right. i'm going to congressman n connolly. get straight to the question. do you believe general flynn committed a crime? >> there's no question. the form he had to fill out, sf-86 specifically says you must answer completely and truthfully. he did neither. it was not complete and it wasn't truthful. so there's no question about a violation of law. by the way, it's a felony to
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knowingly with hold information. was it willful, was it accidental? you just foirktd that you made $70,000 from an appearance in a.t. in russia and an appearance in turkey? that's hard to believe, and we won't know the answer to that until the white house provides the documents requested, any and all documents pertaining to mr. flynn and this matter. >> so i want to get to the white house in a second. but first your sense of motive. why do you think general flynn did it? how did he fail to disclose the money? >> i guess we could all speculate as to that. at the republican convention he was leading the cheer to can "lock her up" because of hillary clinton and the e-mail problems she had, but she didn't break the law. he has broken the law. if she was worthy of being
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locked up, what is he worthy of being? and that's why we have to get to the bottom of this. >> you heard elijah cummings saying this could go with five years prison if it turns out he did this? >> that's the specified penalty for a federal felony like this. >> you're in the white house. sean spicer was saying look, if it was before noon on january 20th, it's not on us. they were involved in the vetting of the national security advisory, so that doesn't make sense. here's what sean spicer said. >> that would be a question for him and a law enforcement agency. i don't know what he filled out or what he did or did not do. it would be up to the committee and other authorities to look at that i don't know. >> says he doesn't know if he broke the law. it's not the responsibility of
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the documents. what would you say? >> i'd say that's sean spicer doing a bad imitation of melissa mccarthy. when he filled out the form is irrelevant. it was this white house that had to process that form and approve the form and it was this white house who hired him. not a trivial position. nice try, sean spicer, but that won't cut it. >> if we're going to talk about general flynn's disclosures, we should ask about the disclosure of the person who is possibly the top nationality security nernl this country, that is jared kushner. he did not disclose some meetings. for example, he didn't detail a meeting with a russian bank? is this also possibly a crime by mr. kushner? >> i think it's in the same
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kroirp of non disclosure and noncompliance. the big difference between jared kushner is still in the white house. and has a position of maybe arguably equal responsibility. so we've got to -- an outbreak of violations of the law and nondisclosure as required, and we need to get to the bottom of it bring getting our hands on the documents we've requested from the white house. >> thank you very much. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> "out front" next -- breaking news and other yoor blow to trump's agenda. a federal judge shutting down part of another crucial executive order on immigration. plus ivanka trump in berlin he can go ahead and hissed. >> i an rather unfam to this role as well. it is quite new to me. >> and genie most having fun
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. breaking news. a step back for frumpp president trump tonight. a federal judge blocking part of donald trump's order to discipline cities that protect illegal immigrants. >> reporter: it is a blow or setback, whatever you want to call it.
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it's going to be something the administration is not happy about. you'll recall it was just last week that the justice department had sent letters to several jurisdictions painful asking them to provide proof that they're complying with this executive order. now a federal judge from california, william oaric has ruled that the executive order is unconstitutional. here's in part what he said. federal funding that bears no legal relationship cannot be threatened merely because a jurisdiction clueses an immigration enforcement strategy of which the president disapproves. this comes after two jurisdictions sued san francisco and santa clara county in california. we're waiting to see what the president says. white house officials are saying they are reviewing the ruling.
4:17 pm
>> all right. thank you very much jason and the judge, san francisco judge of course sanctuary city there. van jones, jeffrey lord and mark preston. this was important to the p. this executive order. he had said he was going to do this and he did. he was blocking the funding to the sanctuary cities. how big a blow is this to him? what is he going to do? >> it is another major loss it's not something that's final. we know that the judge -- >> right. >> -- didn't calm it unconstitutional but said, in fact, that these cities could be irrepably harmed if money is
4:18 pm
with held. erin, he tried to block people of muslim faith from coming to the united states. not very good at all. >> so far he hasn't commented on the ruling yet. this was a kpoenlt of the president's campaign to rid america of what he dubbed "bad hombres." here he is. >> administration will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities and we will cancel all fundling for sanctuary skis. >> i'm going to cut off federal funding for sanctuary cities. >> first the travel ban, now this. jeffrey, this is a pretty tough blow. >> it's no question it's a setback. i have to say we're going to spend a lot of time this week here and elsewhere in the media talking about his first 100 days. by definition when we talk about
4:19 pm
a president's first hyundais, that means by my account, he has a long time left to correct setbacks like these. that's number one. number two, it's interesting to hear my liberal friends think that this is a victory. this apparently means that a mayor of any city could declare themselves to be an abortion free sanctuary. apparently they're thinking this is all right. >> that's not a good example, jeffrey. may be others but there's a constitutionally protected right that women have. let me say a couple of things, though. i think that for ordinary people, if you don't live in a city where you've got a lot of immigration, this might seem weird. why would a mayer not want to
4:20 pm
couldn't with the federal government in the first place on some of this stuff? >> rights. >> those of us who live on the coast where 30, 40% of the city are immigrants, if reason that mayors don't want to have to be turned into arms and agtsz of the federal government in every case is because you have whole communities that would just stop cooperating with law enforcement or may not be willing to come forward. you've got a big country here. you've got to let local law enforcement and mayors make their own decisions about marijua maintaining safety. pldthere would be a loss of liberty, would decrease -- >> van, where would you when the justice department went into pharmaceutical, missouri? >> what do you mean where was i? i was right there getting gassed
4:21 pm
like everybody else. >> and you wanted the federal government to come in? >> yes. >> so when there's a cause you fafr you want the federal government to clamp down on others, you want the federal government to butt out. >> no. i love that you raised this. this is not true. you have a constitutional right as an american citizen to for instance choose abortion. that's actually been lit gated. you raise that assage issue. >> it's constitutional disputed. >> by you. you also have a constitutional right to be free from nauchl search and seizure from the police and all these things that were going on in ferguson. a federal government should defend civil and constitutional rights. that's part of its role but it should not deputize everyone. >> jeffrey, why do you think this is the same? >> my friend vachb is fwg
4:22 pm
selective, as my liberal friends often are. when it's a policy that doesn't suit their beliefs, they want the federal government out of it. the federal government has changed hands. this was presented by candidate trump as opposed to candidate clinton and candidate trump is now the president of the united states. the american people voted knowingly for this. >> erin -- >> politically speaking, this is another argument and supreme court appointments and the rest and the federal judiciary is getting conservatives who are going to be originalists get on the bench instead of judges who are going to decide that they are going to make immigration policy or whatever and have an expansive attitude about the role of a federal judge.
4:23 pm
>> van? >> the president of the united states can run for office saying he's going to do whatever he wants to do. when he gets there there has to be a legal basis. the reality is there is no basis for the president to mold completely arbitrary funds that have nothing to do with immigration away from these cities. if you want to pass a law and he use united states it, you've got a republican congress, but the problem you have with this president is he thinks if he ran for office and said that the sky is plaid, now that he's president, the sky is plaid. you don't change the law, you don't change the constitution just by winning an election. >> and mark -- >> why were you the last eight years, van? >> we don't know, we haven't seen anything yet which is certainly uncharacteristic of him. one point. >> yeah. gentleman holding this mid-atlantic from local law enforcement agencies who are supposed to be protecting these
4:24 pm
cities, in some ways don't a lot of sense. >> thank you all. i appreciate it. next, no translation needed. ivanka trump booed, hissed in germany tonight. she's fighting back. and red, purple, and blue. trump supporters grade the president. stay out front with tempur-pedic. our proprietary material automatically adjusts to your weight, shape and temperature. so you sleep deeply, and wake up feeling powerful. find your exclusive retailer at
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. new tonight, ivanka trump questioned in germany. ivanka, far from pleased with that term. >> i don't like the intonation of that, which assumes that i think, you know, i don't like the word accomplice, because in this context, i don't know that that's productive. >> this as she found herself booed and hissed. kate bennett was there and is "out front" in berlin.
4:29 pm
>> reporter: sharing a stage in berlin with some of the most powerful women in the vorld, ivanka trump faced pointed questions. >> who are you representing? your father, the american people, or your business? >> sell, certainly not the latter and i am rather unfam with this role as well as. it is quite new to me. >> boasting about her father's support for paid family leave, the president's daughter and top advisor received boos and some hiss from the crowd. >> he's -- championing women. i need to express one more point. >> your father has displayed and traumatized, might leave one
4:30 pm
questioning whether he's such an empower or for women. >> i certainly heard that and i think the thousands of women who have worked with and for my father for decades are a testament to his believe and solid conviction in the potential of women. >> she later brushed it off aing "politics is politics." i'm used to it. it's fine. she downplayed her brother eric trump's suggestion that she was the one who convinced the president to launch the strike against syria. "that would be a flawed interception" she said. her visit at the invitation of german chancellor angela merkel comes weeks after a rather chilly meeting between merkel and the president. german media has deemed ivanka
4:31 pm
"the first whisperer to president trump." ivanka played the role of chief diplomat. ivanka who converted to judaism before he fathered jared kushner toured the berlin holocaust memorial. >> thank you very much. >> president trump spoke with chancellor merkel on the eve of his daughter's trip and she will cap her day by dining with the german leader. an opportunity to make an impression on her father's behalf just as he gears up to visit europe next month. >> well, whether or not this visit helps president trump's trip to europe, angela merkel made inroads with ivanka trump
4:32 pm
today, saying she would some more female entrepreneurs. she faced her first test as internationalissary for her father's administration. >> former communications director for ted cruz is with us. let's play that moment, the reaction that ivanka trump got in germany. here it is. >> he's been a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive and the new reality -- [ audience booing ] >> are you surprised that she got that type of reaction, the boos that you could hear? >> i find that to be such a small part of the conversation.
4:33 pm
if you look at vaupg's twitter feed she said she got a great welcome and a great time on this trip. before her father was involved in politics, she had the women who work campaign. she's a strong voice for women. i think she brushed this off. if this is the worst thing happening to her this week, she's having a good week. >> that's not a good story for that person or america. but when i see ivanka taking on this role i see her becoming like hillary clinton in the worst ways. she's sort of becoming increasingly unlikable. trying to get these jobs she's not qualified for based on family connections. every time whp given the chajsz she's asked about president trump's poor track record towards women, she defends the bad conduct he's exhibited in the past. so i don't see how this is going to work out for her in the end.
4:34 pm
i think she'd be much more well suited if she kept outside of the government role and keeps saying i am a first daughter, anytime things get inconvenient for me and every time i get a fancy role at a high-proposal krchsz. >> to your point, she came back. she said she's heard the criticism that her father doesn't support women. but she specifically said thousands of women have worked for him. that's a huge number. do you have any idea where it comes from? >> i'm sure it's whether it's in new york at the trump organization and his various projects around the world. i had the pleasure of working with him on the apprentice. he treated me with tremendous amount of respect. his most surprised employee may
4:35 pm
been rhona. she's been with him over 20 years. cnn said that 54% of american women voted fore donald trump. that has to say something, right? >> i think ivanka got a bad reception. i couldn't believe they played clips of john oliver making fun of her while she was there. they get the joke. it is our government that our government is holding ivanka trump up as a symbol of empowerment. she's gotten everything in her life because of her father. they get the joke, i get the joke. we're putting foreign leaders in an uncomfortable position trying to babysit the president's children. >> is it nepotism or feminism? >> well, mean, first of all,
4:36 pm
ivanka's a graduated of an ivy league college. >> there's thousands of those. >> i let you talk. absolutely it has nothing to do with nepotism. i've talked about the children of presidents, you don't see them on the cover of tabloid magazines. you don't see them falling out of nightclubs boo taxis. they've been nothing but pillars of the community and hard-working children. by the way, ivanka is doing amazingly well with her clothing brand. >> how does that -- >> to make herself like hillary clinton, to pretend she's some sbefr national icon for women when on the national stage she defends terrible conduct her father has demonstrated towards women. >> no one agrees with you. >> well, why --
4:37 pm
>> people do. >> erin -- >> you're talking about a very small number of people and to focus on the negative isn't to focus on how the whole world sees the narrative. >> you can -- >> i'm going to focus on the true narrative like the american people have been doing since election today. >> but she failed as a spokeswoman, whether first daughter. 's advisor, whatever. when the headline is you got booed on the national stage like that. >> do you want to make -- 54% of women voted for hilly, to be clear. >> no that's a statistic i saw on your website. he won the election, let's face its. >> we're going off exit polls. thank you very much. i appreciate it. there was a lot to that conversation. >> thank you. >> campaign promises broken. but are trump voters sorry they
4:38 pm
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. breaking news, president trump's agenda taking hits tonight. republicans privately proposing a funding bill that doesn't include money for the president's wall. a federal judge blocking part of the president's ban on federal funds for sanctuary cities. how do supporters feel almost 100 days in? >> reporter: that's exactly what i wanted to know. i've been having these conversations since even before the election. i thought i'd heard just about everything. oh, no. there's more.
4:43 pm
asheville, alabama, the sun's been up for three hours and greg weston's been up for six. he's a farmer. what he grows, he and his wife sell on an old gas station. the only thing redder than the tomatoes are the politics. they voted 89% for trump. how do you think trump is doing? >> i think he's doing good. >> reporter: they like him even though his first actions haven't helped him. it's hard to find migrant workers to pick his crops. >> you're in trouble. >> reporter: then the replacement of obama care. why do you like it? >> well, i pay $88 a month for me and my wife. which before obama care came in,
4:44 pm
i was paying like 660. >> reporter: brandy feels guilty. she said she knows people can't afford their insurance or can't get insurance at all. >> it doesn't make sense to pay so little and still the poor people get nothing. >> reporter: you think you should pay more? >> yeah. in other words, yes. >> reporter: in birmingham, it's also another long day for quinton, a taxi driver. he's voted democrat irk in the past but in 2016 voted p for trump. black trump voters are rare in the south, only about 9%. he's even more rare since he's black and gay. 100 days in, how do you feel? >> 100 days in, i'm not pleased. >> really? what don't you like?
4:45 pm
>> he's a little too brash. is that the w0rd? >> reporter: he hasn't seen as much change as he expected. do you wish you hadn't voted for him? >> i don't wish i hand. according to the alternatives, i don't have any alternatives. >> reporter: in des moines, i find another surprise named elberto alhand droe, a teacher who teaches spanish to inner city kids. who did you vote for? >> i voted for trump. >> reporter: born in mexico he became an american through an amnesty program in the 1980s. >> here we are 100 days after he was sworn in and he has not acted against innocent undocumented workers. >> reporter: some would disagree but alberto feels good about the administration so far, including on immigration. >> being in america, to begin
4:46 pm
is, isn't a right. it's at great privilege. >> reporter: madison county, iowa, famous for its bridges and home to a man many people per son fights america. john wayne. he knew the duke and found similar ghaults the gonld. meeting him, that made a huge difference. >> yeah. somebody who we felt like one of us. i had that feeling. >> reporter: the business campaign issue was the same as alberto. >> boarders, immigration and i think that national security is all mart of that. >> i think he's doing great. >> reporter: he admits that trump's had to deal with a learns point. >> he has admitted, i didn't know it was going to be this complicated. >> reporter: from the birthplace
4:47 pm
of john wayne to a scene right out of the west. >> they're a great story. they have a bratd comeback story, you know. >> reporter: wyoming may be the cowboy state but here, cole is king. but a king kong scale. wyoming dwarves west virginia and kentucky. there's also oil, natural gas, and wind. >> we are the energy capital of the nation. >> reporter: here, if you're not mining or drilling, you're selling to those who do. this past election only one issue mattered, jobs and energy. yes, that's two but in wyoming, they're one and a same. >> the path that we were on was definitely crippling this industry. there are too many meg las vegass and hurdles.
4:48 pm
>> reporter: that could explain why equipment was the reddest state of all. repairing monitor size machinery, this man has done. he voted trump. >> we had our worst year since 2008 last year. it's better now. we feel like it's going to be 10 or 20% better this year. >> a spot at the table. >> reporter: stacy is a single parent, a grandparent and cole miner. you could do a lot of damage. >> yeah, yeah. we don't make mistakes. i was offend by his words about women but it's not about me. it's about the people i work with and the people i love. i had to make a chies that was bigger than me, and i did.
4:49 pm
roimt trump was not a perfect candidate and is not a perfect president, they said. they voted for him believing he would make their lives better and 100 days later, they still do. >> incredible story telling there. when you spoke to them, marty, was there something specific. when they said here's what he could do differently now to change. what do they say? >> reporter: usually i put that to them in the form of a question, if there was advice you could pass along, what would it be? it was annapolis. stop tweeting. they find tweeting is distracting. they like the communication but what he says just throws the whole administration off track, they say, so stop tweeting. >> thank you so much, marty.
4:50 pm
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there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪ . president trump has signed 66 executive orders so far, none quite as funny as those jeanne moos has uncovered tonight. >> reporter: president trump
4:54 pm
never seems happier than signs executive orders. and he's getting lots of practice. he'll have signed more executive orders in his first 100 days than any president since world war ii and we used to bash president obama for doing it. >> he's signing all these executive orders, it's a disaster, he just can't do it. >> reporter: but holding up an executive order can leave the president holding the bag, make up the fox or the panda or the microwave, at the twitter account donald trump draws, the president drawings like a kid and spells like one too. often the drawings relate to the news. for instance when the president informed china's leader over dessert that missiles had been
4:55 pm
launched over syria. that resulted in this, new york magazine said an l.a. special efblgs artist told the magazine that the twitter account wrote itself when he saw the leader of the free world holding up paper. there's also a mean generator that helps you write your own executive orders. you could declare free raisins for everybody. so the next time the president holds up one of those executive orders, blowing his own horn, that order could keep on trucking who knows where. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> among all the thing that you got to give jean y jeanne credf.
4:56 pm
post-9/11, they're reflective of the many emotions we feel. >> we ain't going anywhere. >> we played for new york police, fire and rescue workers when they needed a boost. i put a fireman's helmet on the piano just to help me concentrate, because if i didn't have that i would have lost it. it is kind of and anthem for n york. >> the events defined the music and made it bigger than it was intended to be. >> the music will always remind us that it is possible. >> someone's got to put this into words and emotions, that's what anthems are made of. sound tracks. is this this this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain
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thanks so much for joining us, don't forget you can watch "out front" any time anywhere just go to cnn go. good evening, there's a lot happening this hour, the white house is now saying they cannot be sure former national security advisor michael flynn did not break the law concerning his conversations with russia. we have a lot of reporting ahead on that tonight, but we begin with the story that is just breaking, another loss for president trump, courtesy of a federal judge. a judge this time in california has blocked part of the president's executive order on immigration, the part that threatened to take away federal money from so-called sanctuary cities, this will potentially affect hundreds of cities across the nation that have